A bit of Grace in the midst of March

Yesterday was one of those days.  The weather could not have been more perfect, 80 + degrees and no wind.  I, like many people, happened to be working.  I was determined to finish early and get outside.

I have always said, “it is sin against God not to ride your bike on a day with no wind in Kansas!”  The fact it was March 14, and no wind and beautiful in Kansas just motivated me.  I did the errands I had to do (with a trip to the Seafood Shop, will post more about that shortly) and got myself home.

Andrew already was pumping up the bike tires and had water bottles ready.


So, off we went for a ride a little less than 9 miles.  It felt SO good.  Today, I am sore, but so glad to have been in the sun, riding down by the river, seeing many people out running, walking, and biking.  We stopped  by and saw our neighbors that it feels like we haven’t seen forever.

Upon returning home, it was time for dinner.  What a perfect evening.  March 14, 80+ degrees, no wind, in Kansas, we fired up the grill. Our neighbors Lee and Connie had pulled up carrots.  So I decided I would grill vegetables, salmon and have a tossed salad.  We would eat on the deck.

First, I had to clean some fresh carrots.


Washed, I added brussels sprouts and purple potatoes


I then peeled the carrots, quartered the potatoes and the brussels sprouts.  Put them in a bowl and added olive oil, salt and pepper.


Now to prepare the salmon.  As I mentioned earlier, I ran by the Seafood Shop in order to have something tasty for dinner.  This time I chose the Steelhead Salmon.  It looked wonderful


I started by drizzling olive oil, added salt and pepper.  I then went outside and cut some lemon thyme and to the front porch where I cut some Italian parsley.


I pulled the lemon thyme off the stems and rough chopped the parsley and thyme together then sprinkled it over the salmon.  Lemon thyme is so fragrant. I squeezed some lemon juice and put lemon slices on top.



I put the vegetables on the grill, about 400 degrees


Then it was time to make the salad, before I put the salmon on.  The vegetables grilled about 6 minutes.

I went to the front porch.  I have been growing lettuce all winter.  I only have enough for salad every so often.  It was past time to cut the lettuce.


After I cut the lettuce, I washed it, spun it dry, then tossed it with a basic balsamic vinaigrette. I placed it on the plates with sliced pear, Point Reyes blue cheese and some cranraisins for color.


The salmon cooked about 10 minutes on the grill, the vegetables around 15 to 17 minutes.  Mostly they ended up okay, some were a little charred.  Will have to work on that.  We set the table and set out side on the back deck.


This truly was a bit of grace in what has been a pretty cold, windy and dreary month.  The day helped me remember that spring is coming and as the days grow longer and warmer it is a time to be savored and enjoyed.  So often, I rush through my days, put whatever into my mouth in order to keep going.

On March 14, I slowed down enough to embrace this gift of grace and love.  Riding my bike, feeling the sun, getting home and savoring some beautiful fish, beautiful vegetables and salad that exploded with tart, sweet and crunch made me breathe deeply and say a prayer of thanks.

On a windless and warm March day, I once again embraced the beauty of creation, the love offered me by God and by my spouse.  At the table, I was reminded that grace abounds, that one can be fed body and soul and life is good.


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