Spring is in the air

I am so ready for spring!  I am not the only one.  This winter has been particularly long and bitter cold.  Of course, Kansas’ winter has not been as brutal at those in the north and north east.  Nonetheless, I am over winter and ready for warmer, longer days with time for walks and sitting on the deck and eating the produce that spring and summer bring.

Today, there was actually a thunderstorm.  I heard the rumbling of the thunder, but missed the hail at home.  I was in a minor emergency clinic attached to my doctors office praying that I only “sprained” my ankle/foot and that I did not have a break.  I did not.  However, feeling like an idiot, it makes me sad not to be out on a beautiful day, the rain just makes it easier.

I was ready to begin planting.  Seed potatoes are cut and drying and I have some seeds ready to sow.  



Don’t they look awesome!  I wanted to get the radishes and spinach out.  I actually have lettuce growing on my front porch, but the spinach just isn’t working for me.  So, I planned to get some in the garden for harvesting in about 6 weeks.  It is a month too early for the beans and a couple of weeks too early for the carrots.  I am ready to start some tomatoes and peppers as well on the front porch for planting in a couple of months.

With the rain, it is probably just as well that I didn’t get the pansies outside in pots, nor the seeds planted, but I am so ready to begin to see the seedlings start.  The warmer days the nights where the light is lingering finds me itching to see spring flowers, green buds on the trees and to anticipate the wonderful goodness of fresh vegetables.

I love food.  I know you are not supposed to say that, but I do love food.  I, have particularly come to love the freshest food I can find, whether from the garden or the farmer’s market.  That food is nothing like what comes from the grocery store.  It is the bounty of the earth at its best.

So, resting up my foot, I am making plans for a marvelous spring and summer full of the freshest, tastiest home grown or farmer grown fruits and vegetables.  Food like that is a gift, of life, of home and of God.


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