Eight years ago I began to write a food blog in addition to my “church” blog. It only took about a year and a half for me to quit doing both. Time and life go in the way. I am working on a book about food and faith and preaching. This seemed like a good way to get back into thinking about how cooking and preaching are so similar AND how these arts impact my life of faith and service. Once a week I will be adding to this blog lifting up cooking, food, preaching and faith as deeply related to I am and I think to who we are.

I often find my center in cooking.  The french word “chez” means “at the home of” or “with or among.”  “Chez Cindy” is what I often use when I have a gourmet meal in my home and I title the menu that way.

For me, cooking means being at home or with friends or family.   I love how when I step into the kitchen, I feel the chaos of my life fall away and a calm and centeredness fill me.  Chopping, mixing, sautéing, grilling, baking all help me focus on what is in front of me and not get lost in all the craziness of my life.

Often my “job” my “ministry” does not result in results that are easily measured.  Cooking, however, immediately connects me with the food I prepare and with the people who eat it.  If I have paid attention, what I create provides satisfaction for…

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