To die for cookies!

I haven’t baked cookies since Christmas.  Now, I love cookies and my husband loves cookies, but he will eat at least one dozen in a sitting.  He can’t keep his hands out of the “cookie jar” so to speak.  Anyway, a “real” food blogger, Ali Ebright, whose family I have known for a very long time and know her by association, posted this recipe yesterday.  Run on your computer to her blog:  Gimme Some Oven and make these cookies.

They are called peanut butter banana cookies, I mean what could be better?  Peanut butter and bananas rock!  The only reason I made them is I had two overly ripe bananas.  I used one of them.  I may make another batch with the other.  Personally I can only eat so much banana bread, this was a perfect way to use a ripe banana!

I don’t know why I can’t upload a picture….but go to Ali’s blog and you will see it!