Snow Ice Cream

When my children were small, they longed for snow days.  When the snow came, they always wanted to make snow ice cream.  Now conditions in Kansas were not always the right kind of conditions for making snow ice cream.  There needs to be a LOT of snow and the fluffy kind.  Every two or three years, the conditions would be perfect for snow ice cream.  Conditions that look like this:


Piles and heaps of nice snow, deep enough you don’t have to worry about dirt or anything. At this point pristine, at least as pristine snow can be in 2013.
Back to the children, we would get a big bowl and set it outside so the snow could “fall” into it. Usually we were too impatient, so we also lightly scrapped “top” snow up into the bowl. You need about 8 to 12 cups.
Some of you might remember these cookbooks, I have had them since 1979, a gift. They held recipes and helpful hits from bygone times….


Volume 2 has the snow ice cream recipe as you can see from the hand written note on the front. Here is the recipe:


Hoping I have not broken any copyright laws, this is a terrible recipe! I never used eggs and it has way too much sugar. Instead we used about 1/2 cup sugar, 2 teaspoons of vanilla and probably 1/2 cup to 1 cup of milk. Truly it was a “process”. The ice cream, however was wonderful. After playing outside (and some of us shoveling snow) it was such a treat with a cup of hot chocolate and made all the sweeter because it just couldn’t be made very often. The snow that has fallen across Kansas created that kind of snow over the last two days. There have been several folks that have posted snow ice cream recipes including one that used 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a can of sweetened condensed milk. Regardless of the recipe, snow ice cream is truly a fun food item that is just not available very often, at least in Kansas. Some of my favorite memories revolve around food. Making cookies with my children, or with my grandchildren, holiday meals, special moments highlighted by something that tastes fantastic or tastes like home. Snow ice cream is one of those foods for me, as well as one of the memories I hold close. Getting cold and wet, making snowmen and snow angels, throwing snow balls and then coming in and having the ice cream. The milky sweetness of the snow ice cream is the taste of innocence, joy and childhood. It comes with the sound of long ago laughter. As I watch the snow fly again, in what appears to be one of the five biggest storms Wichita’s recorded history, I am grateful for those memories, those tastes, those sounds and the remembered joy. One taste not only takes me back, but makes me smile in this moment and grateful for the time this snow storm has slowed down my life for a few hours. I can taste the sweetness of grace and see the goodness of God in the midst of snow.